The Free, The Brave, and America

America, the so-called land of the free. What an ironic title for the country with the largest prison inmates in the world, isn’t it? A land where people are free to be themselves as long as they conform to what others define as “normal”. Definitions based on: bias, prejudice, obsolete laws, and founded on the scriptures of an outdated manuscript. A land where topics such as sex-ed, rape, victimization are enough to sentence another to the loss of their freedom. We call ourselves, America the land of the free and home of the brave, but ask yourself… is that truly so?

I dare say no, instead we are America, home of the victims. Spreading panic, misinformation, and fear the media and social justice warriors of the internet control the masses, bending them to their whims. Preaching equality as long as it serves their agenda, and silencing dissent from those who are indirectly harmed by their demands. Where misinformation shields controversy from all sides of the internal conflict. A land that considers the life of an animal more precious than the lives of our brothers and sisters in Africa who endure countless losses at the hands of these beasts.

A country where fear is our ruler, and money is our god; a world where affluence directly correlates to the value of a soul. Conveniently ignoring that we call ourselves the home of freedom, while failing to notice the very shackles that bind us.

We are enslaved to oppression, chasing false dreams that encourage our own delusions of grandeur. Breaking our backs for those who stand atop a throne of riches while remaining ignorant to our plights. Selling our souls, values, morals, and self-worth in an endless race in the hopes that we’ll get to sit by their sides one day. All the while the oligarchs laugh behind closed doors at our pitiful attempts of obtaining “success”. Playing by their rules long enough to drive ourselves to the brink of insanity, we strive for “happiness” in this land of freedom.

A world of appearances and glass houses,where placing an emphasis on your aesthetic worth has a higher value than self-improvement. A nation where you can pretend to be rich, as long as you’re willing to the minimum monthly allotment amount on your credit-card statement. Even though all you’re achieving is paying the college tuition of a rich banker’s son with the small amount of time you have left on this world.

This realm where the rich hate the poor, the poor hate the rich, and those in between are hated by all. Where the middle pays for the wages of both the upper and lower classes with nary an opportunity to escape from this entangled web of lies. Where not even obtaining an education sets them free, as they’re told to memorize answers rather than seeking enlightenment. Discovering far too late, that their student loans have caught up to them, and they have further imprisoned themselves.

Jealousy is the law of this land, if you’re not green with envy then you’re not living properly. Where your value as a human being can be determined by your credit card score and history, and three companies can dictate whether the house of your dreams is a reality or a mere fantasy.

We concerns ourselves with the problems of those on the big screen, while conveniently ignoring our own issues. Distracted by a constant barrage of television, and social media, while dreaming of living in the same lap of luxury as those we admire. Failing to notice that their path is their own. Instead, our road is filled with destruction and greed.

Shunning the responsibility we owe to ourselves towards helping others because as a brilliant man once wrote “with great power, comes great responsibility”. Simply watching as our brothers and sisters overseas suffer on daily basis, wishing they held even a fragment of the conveniences we take for granted, we happily ignore their plight. How could we possibly call ourselves free, when we’re merrily living within the confines of our safety bubble?

America is simply stuck. Trapped in a state of deception, unable to hear voices of those who seek to once more awaken the sleeping giant. A society once feared and respected throughout the world now lies silent as the screaming sheep drown out the sounds of the masses. Those who fight against the current being treated as outcast within a society that once took pride in its status as a veritable melting pot of the world.

Where anyone could become a major contender as long as they were willing to follow their dreams, instead we live in an America that fell from its graces. The one that is considered laughing-stock worthy by multiple societal figures in foreign governments due to its antiquated education system, and war mongering reputation. We live in America the land of the lazy and home of the complacent.

But, there is still hope for America. We are down, but we are not out of the fight just yet. We can once again rise to the top, and become a nation worthy of its self-proclaimed status as home of the brave.

An America that is intellectually forward, which is inclusive to all in need. The America that his citizens need, but it can’t do it alone. We the people need to step in and help. We need to pull our weight in order to make everything that has gone wrong with our country right once again.

At this time we the people of America need to put aside our differences as we did in 9/11, and join arms as brothers as sisters once more. We need to realize that we are not each others enemies. We are in fact our greatest potential allies, yet we need to set our differences aside to find the middle-ground, and compromise in order to finally fulfill the needs of the many, instead of the sensitivities of the few.

As humans we are born with limitless potential, but we squander it in frivolous things. It is time that we took ownership of our lives, and live up to the responsibilities that our power truly brings. When we break from those chains of ignorance that bind us, then we shall be truly free.

Only then, can we once again be proud to call ourselves “The Land of The Free, and The Home of the Brave”



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Dash The Bomber

A Puerto Rican father, sailor, writer with a penchant for life, I base my stories on personal experiences and a jaded outlook in life. Follow me on Twitter & FB